Mochi Miyagi

Mochi Miyagi is one of the newest members of Ice Ribbon and the last member of the promotion’s 2010 rookie class. She made her official debut on December 25, 2010. A fan of watching wrestling, she joined the promotion officially shortly before Kazumi Shimouma’s retirement in late 2010 and debuted against Shimouma before her retirement, showing potential to be a good power wrestler. Like a few other wrestlers she appears to have a day job, which is listed as being a hair/make-up artist, and her hobby is going out to clubs.
Miyagi won her first title on June 1, 2011, winning the International Ribbon Tag Team Championship with Hamuko Hoshi less than a month after they became a team. They soon became known as, appropriate enough, “Team Sexy”, fitting because Miyagi is certainly one of the more attractive girls in the promotion.

Stats & Info:
Age: 24
Height: 5’1″
Weight: 143 pounds/65 kg
Experience: Rookie
Finishing move: Unknown
Current affiliation: Ice Ribbon

Titles won:
2-time International Ribbon Tag Team Champion