While many top joshi wrestlers are based with one promotion and work in other promotions but represent the banner of their home promotion, many other joshi wrestlers active today maintain independent or freelancer status. This is a list of notable independent/freelance talent active today on the joshi circuit, background info may be lacking due to limited reliable information:

Amazing Kong (Now competing in WWE as Kharma)
Arisa Nakajima (Retired)
Asuka Ohki (Retired)
Atsuko Emoto (Retired, also competing in MMA)
Ayako Hamada
Ayumi Kurihara
Cherry (Affiliated with Union Pro, a small indy that is now a sub-brand of DDT)
Chihiro Oikawa (Retired)
Devil Masami (Retired)
Dump Matsumoto (Retired, but makes occasional appearances)
Fuka (Retired, but active as GM of Stardom)
Sakura Hirota (広田さくら/ Hirota Sakura)
Hikaru (Retired)
Io Shirai (紫雷イオ/ Purple thunder beauty [io])
Jaguar Yokota (Semi-active, makes occasional appearances-usually in JWP)
Kana (華名 / Bloom name)
KAORU (KAORU) (Primarily competes in OZ Academy) (Inactive-injured)
Kyoko Kimura
Manami Toyota (豊田真奈美 / Manami Toyota)
Mari Harada (Retired)
Mima Shimoda (下田美馬 / Shimoda Mima)
Mio Shirai (紫雷美央/ Purple thunder beauty middle)
Ran Yu-Yu (輝 優 優Shine superior superior)
Saki Maemura (Retired)
Megumi Yabushita (Also competing in MMA)
Sawako Shimotsuke
Nagisa Nozaki (野崎渚 / Nozaki beach)
Mika Iida (飯田美花 / Ida beauty flower) (Inactive-injured)