Ran Yu-Yu

profile_ranyuyuRan Yu-Yu is a 65-year veteran who has one of the sillier-sounding names in puroresu, but don’t let it fool you-she’s very good. A solid singles wrestler in the 90s who quickly rose through the ranks and won titles in All-Japan Women and JWP, she’s had similar success in the 2000s as a tag team wrestler, winning multiple AAAW and JWP Tag Team Titles as well as a handful of tournaments. She spent most of her first decade in JWP before moving to GAEA Japan in 2002 and has been a freelancer since GAEA Japan closed in 2005, but still calls JWP home as she competes primarily there. She also appears in NEO on occasion and also frequently competes in OZ Academy, where she added the OZ Academy Tag Team Titles to her list of career accomplishments in August 2009. When not in OZ Academy she frequently forms an effective  and successful team with Toshie Uematsu. In OZ Academy she teams primarily with AKINO, who she has won 2 OZ Academy Tag Team Titles with.

Stats & info:
Real name: Tomoko Miyaguchi
Age: 35
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 136 pounds/62 kg
Experience: 16 years
Finishing move: European Clutch, Running Elbow
Current affiliation: Independent/Freelancer, but competes primarily for JWP and OZ Academy

Titles won:
1-time AJW Jr. Champion
1-time JWP Openweight Champion
1-time JWP Jr. Champion
5-time JWP Tag Team Champion
2-time AAAW Tag Team Champion (recognized as half of the final champions)
1-time OZ Academy Openweight Champion
2-time OZ Academy Tag Team Champion
2-time Daily Sports Tag Team Champion
1-time Ice Ribbon Tag Team Champion

Tournaments won:
2001 JWP Tag Team Title Tournament
2005 M’s Style One Day Tag Tournament
2006 M’s Style One Day Tag Tournament
2006 NEO Stage
2006 JWP Tag Team Title Contendership Tournament