JDStar Junior Title History

The JDStar Junior Title was a singles title in JDStar. It was created in September 1997.
There were 9 JDStar Junior Champion. They are listed below in order of reign along with which reign it was (some won it multiple times) and length of reign.
1-Megumi Yabushita. 1st reign. Length: 9/7/1997-10/22/1997.

2-The Bloody. 1st reign. Length: 10/22/1997-??. Vacated title in 1997.

3-The Bloody. 2nd reign. Length: 1/11/1998-8/24/1998.

4-Sumie Sakai. 1st reign. Length: 8/24/1998-1/24/1999.

5-Megumi Yabushita. 2nd reign. Length: 1/24/1999-6/3/1999. Vacated title on 6/3/1999.

6-Hiroyo Mutoh. 1st reign. Length: 1/13/2000-11/2001. Vacated title in November 2001.

7-MARU. 1st reign. Length: 1/13/2002-??. Vacated title in 2002.

8-Teruko Kagawa. 1st reign. Length: 1/13/2003-7/5/2003.

9-MARU. 2nd reign. Length: 7/5/2003-??.