Azumi Hyuga

profile_azumihyugaAzumi Hyuga was a 15-year puroresu veteran and unquestionably was the top ace of the JWP roster for several years. In addition to being a former AJW All-Pacific Champion, she had more JWP Openweight Championship reigns than any other wrestler to date (4) and is tied with Ran Yu-Yu for most JWP Tag Team Championship reigns all-time to date (6). Her aerial skills garnered her a considerable fan following throughout her career.
Hyuga retired on December 27, 2009, ending a solid career and walking away as perhaps the best wrestler JWP has ever produced. She also left a champion, as she won the JWP Tag Team Titles for a record 6th time 2 weeks before her retirement.
Hyuga will be inducted into the NEO Hall Of Fame on May 3, 2010, a recognition of not only her joshi career and accomplishments as a whole but also her accomplishments in NEO-namely when she became a “Double Crown Champion” by holding the NEO Singles & JWP Openweight Championships simultaneously. She will be introduced/inducted by the woman she had several memorable matches over the NEO title with-Yoshiko Tamura.

Stats & info:
Real name: Tomoko Kuzumi
Age: 34
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 128 pounds/58 kg
Experience: 15 years
Finishing move: Enzuiguri/Diving Knee Kick
Current affiliation: Retired

Titles won:
1-time AJW All-Pacific Champion
4-time JWP Openweight Champion
6-time JWP Tag Team Champion
1-time Daily Sports Tag Team Champion
1-time International Ribbon Tag Team Champion
1-time NEO Singles & NWA Pacific Women’s Champion

Other accolades:
Inducted Into NEO Hall Of Fame In May 2010