Tanny Mouse

Tanny Mouse is a 14-year veteran who, as her name suggests, is a little bit of a comical-type character. Like many in NEO she debuted in All-Japan Women then moved to NEO in 1997, where she has been based ever since. She still competed in AJW at times until the promotion folded, winning the AJW Tag Team Title once in the promotion’s final days. In NEO she is best-known as half of the very popular “NEO Machineguns” tag team with Yuki Miyazaki.
Tanny retired on December 31, 2010.

Stats & info:
Real name: Mina Taniyama
Age: 34
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 141 pounds/64 kg
Experience: 14 years
Finishing move: Paro Special, Rolling Tanibat
Current affiliation: Retired

Titles won:
1-time AJW Tag Team Champion
1-time NEO Tag Team Champion
5-time NEO Itabashi Tag Team Champion
4-time NEO Kitazawa Tag Team Champion
1-time International Ribbon Tag Team Champion
5-time DDT Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion

Tournaments won:
2002, 2004 NEO Mid-Summer Tag Tournament

Official websites (Japanese):