Yuki Miyazaki

pc_1067Yuki Miyazaki is a popular 15-year veteran known for her smiling face and large but charming figure. Unlike most of her fellow NEO veterans, she did not join NEO upon its formation and also did not start her career in All-Japan Women, instead debuting in JWP. After being inactive from 1995-1998, she competed in the JD promotion for a couple years before joining NEO in 2000. She did win the AJW Tag Team Titles with NEO stablemate Tanny Mouse before the promotion closed. In NEO she is best-known as half of the very popular “NEO Machineguns” tag team with Tanny Mouse. She also briefly appeared in DDT in 2006-2007, racking up 15 Iron Man Heavymetalweight Title reigns. One cool thing to know about her: Despite her size (only a couple joshi wrestlers are bigger than her), she finishes matches with a very nice moonsault.
Miyazaki retired on December 31, 2010.

Stats & info:
Age: 30
Height: 5’3 1/2″
Weight: 171 pounds/78 kg
Experience: 15 years
Finishing move: Moonsault Press, Moonsault Footstomp, Texas Cloverleaf
Current affiliation: Retired

Titles won:
1-time AJW Tag Team Champion
1-time NEO Tag Team Champion
5-time NEO Itabashi Tag Team Champion
4-time NEO Kitazawa Tag Team Champion
1-time International Ribbon Tag Team Champion
15-time DDT Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion

Tournaments won:
2002, 2004 NEO Mid-Summer Tag Tournament
2004 NEO Japan Cup
2009 NEO Stage

Official website (Japanese):