OZ Academy

OZ Academy is a joshi promotion that has been active since 1998. The promotion was founded by and is run by Mayumi Ozaki, a 22-year veteran of joshi puroresu who competed in JWP and WWWA before founding OZ Academy in 1996. It started out as a heel faction Ozaki formed with talent in other promotions, they competed as freelancers before Ozaki took her faction out to form her own promotion of the same name as the faction-OZ Academy. Like the other active promotions they maintain their own talent stable and work with and cross-promote with other joshi promotions and, on occasion, other puro organizations. They normally run an average of 1-2 events per month with one event usually emanating from it’s homebase, Shinjuku Face.
The promotion will celebrate it’s 15th anniversary in 2011.

OZ Academy currently has 2 titles: OZ Academy Openweight Title and OZ Academy Tag Team Title. The Openweight Title was created in 2007, the Tag Team Title was created in 2008.

Current talent based in promotion:
Mayuki Ozaki (尾 崎 ま ゆ み / Ozaki demon bow)
Aja Kong (宍 戸 江 利 花 / [ajiyakongu])
Carlos Amano (天 野 理 恵 子 / Amano Carlos)
Dynamite Kansai (鈴 木 智 江 子 / Dynamite Kansai)
Chikayo Nagashima (永 島 千 佳 世 / Nagashima thousand it is good world)
Sonoko Kato (加 藤 園 子 / Kato garden child)
Mika Nishio (西 尾 美 香 / Mika Nishio) (Inactive)
AKINO (秋 野 美 佳 / AKINO)
Nao Komatsu (小 松 奈 央 / Nao Komatsu)
Police (An unknown male formerly of the OZ Academy Executive Office, apparently an assistant to Ozaki when she’s in trouble during matches, among other things)

Titles & History:
OZ Academy Openweight Championship
OZ Academy Tag Team Championship

The promotion’s official websites (in Japanese) can be accessed at the following URLs:
(Be advised that access to the “History” section of the website requires registration. If you can’t understand Japanese and/or are not currently living in Japan attempting to do this is not recommended. Do so at your own risk)
http://ameblo.jp/nakamura-hiroyuki/ (Official website of OZ Academy ring announcer Hiroyuki Nakamura; Also contains event results)