Aja Kong

aja Aja Kong is a 24-year veteran of joshi who wrestles in various promotions although she is currently affiliated with OZ Academy. She is of mixed Japanese and African-American heritage (her father served in the US military). Kong debuted on her 16th birthday in September 1986, immediately aligning herself with Dump Matsumoto & Nobuko Kimura in Matsumoto’s heel stable in All-Japan Women. After splitting in 1988 due to Matsumoto retiring, they re-united in 1990 and became 2-time WWWA Tag Team Champions as Aja Kong & Bison Kimura, losing a famous hair vs. hair match in 1991 to Bull Nakano’s heel stable, resulting in both Kong & Kimura being shaved bald. Kong gained some revenge in late 1992 when she beat Nakano for the WWWA World Heavyweight Championship.
In 1995 she made a handful of notable US appearances for the WWF, winning a Survivor Series match for her team at the 1995 Survivor Series by being the last wrestler remaining on her team and eliminating the other team’s final wrestler, and scoring a pinfall over then-Women’s Champion Alundra Blayze (Denise “Madusa” Miceli). A planned 1996 title match against Blayze never happened, though, due to Blayze being fired by WWF beforehand.
After returning to Japan in 1997 she left All-Japan Women and founded her own promotion-ARSION (Hyper Visual Fighting ARSION). She led ARSION until February 12, 2001, when she walked out of a televised tag match and announced she was quitting the promotion.
After leaving ARSION she worked for various joshi promotions as a freelancer/independent, winning several tag team championships with Amazing Kong (now known as Awesome Kong in TNA) and, in 2006, even winning the Hustle Super Tag Team Championship when they competed as Erika & Margaret and beat Wataru Sakata & Ryouji Sai for the titles. They would hold the titles for 4 months before losing them in a 3-way match. Not long after this, Kong joined OZ Academy where she has since won the promotion’s Openweight Championship twice and the Tag Team Title once, and continues to compete for them today while still working in other promotions. Kong is not only one of the biggest women to ever compete in joshi, she’s also one of the best. She was inducted into the Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall Of Fame in 2006, becoming at the time the 10th woman inducted into what many recognize as the sport’s official Hall Of Fame.

Stats & Info:
Real name: Erika Shishido
Age: 40
Height: 5’4″
Weight: 226 pounds/103 kg
Experience: 24 years
Finishing move: Spinning Backfist
Current affiliation: OZ Academy
Ring entrance theme: “THE HELLION” by ELECTORIC EYE

Titles won:
1-time All-Japan Women’s Champion
1-time All-Pacific Champion
1-time All-Japan Women’s Tag Team Champion
2-time WWWA World Heavyweight Champion
4-time WWWA World Tag Team Champion
1-time Queen Of ARSION
1-time Twin Star Of ARSION
3-time AAAW Singles Champion
3-time AAAW Tag Team Champion
1-time Hustle Super Tag Team Champion
1-time LLPW Tag Team Champion
3-time OZ Academy Openweight Champion
2-time OZ Academy Tag Team Champion
1-time JWP Tag Team Champion
1-time Daily Sports Tag Team Champion
1-time DDT Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion

Tournaments won:
1992, 1996 Japan Grand Prix

Other accolades:
2 Wrestling Observer Newsletter 5 Star Matches
Inducted into All-Japan Women Hall Of Fame in 1998
Inducted into Wrestling Observer Newsletter Hall Of Fame in 2006

Official websites (Japanese):
http://blog.livedoor.jp/aja_kong (May be inactive/no longer used as of May 2010)
http://ameblo.jp/aja-kong/ (New website, created April 2010)