REINA (Universal Women’s Pro Wrestling REINA)

REINA, aka Universal Women’s Pro Wrestling REINA, is a new joshi promotion created in early 2011 by Reina Corporation. The promotion is owned by Corporation CEO Riki Tamashiro and run by Tamashiro and wrestlers Yumiko Hotta & Aki Kanbayashi and appears to have a partnership/working agreement with Mexico’s CMLL promotion, which results in several Mexican wrestlers appearing in the promotion. The promotion’s home office is based in Chiba Prefecture but they have an office in Tokyo.

REINA has one title as of July 2011, the CMLL-REINA International Junior Championship.

Current talent based in promotion:
Yumiko Hotta (堀田 祐美子 / Yumiko Hotta) (Inactive-injured)
Aki Kanbayashi (上林 愛貴 / Upper forest love your)
Aoi Ishibashi (石橋葵 / Ishibashi mallow) (Inactive-injured)
Natsumi Kawano (川野夏実 / Kawano summer the truth) (No longer with promotion)
Senri Kuroki (黒木千里 / Kurogi thousand village) (Now competing as Saya)
Zeuxis (セウシス / [seushisu]) (gaijin)
Silueta (シルエタ / sill eta) (gaijin)
Pretty Ota (プリティー太田 / Pretty Ota)

Titles & History:
CMLL-REINA International Junior Championship

The promotion’s official websites (in Japanese) can be accessed at the following URLs: