Sendai Sachiko

Sendai Sachiko is the 2nd-youngest member of Sendai Girls and is also considered the top rising star and face of the promotion. As her ring name suggests, she is a true “Sendai Girl” hailing from Sendai along with her older sister Chisako (DASH Chisako). She has wrestled for Sendai Girls her entire career and began breaking through this year by winning the 2009 Sendai Girls Jaja Uma Tournament.
Sachiko suffered a foot injury in 2009 that cost her nearly a year, but made a successful and long-awaited return to action in April 2010.

Stats & info:
Real name: Sachiko Kanari
Age: 21
Height: 5′ 1/2″
Weight: 136 pounds/62 kg
Experience: 4 years
Finishing move: German Suplex Hold
Current affiliation: Sendai Girls

Tournaments won:
2009 Sendai Girls Jaja Uma Tournament

Official website (Japanese):