Yuzuki Aikawa

Best known as one of the most popular-and bustiest-bikini idols of the last decade, Yuzuki Aikawa is more than just a very pretty face and very big breasts-she’s also been a model, actress and athlete with a background in taekwondo and even ballet. She debuted as a bikini idol in 2003 and quickly became extremely popular, even once being named “gravure queen of the next generation”. She would go on to have success doing CDs, DVDs and TV over the next 6 years. She appears to have retired from full-time modeling in late 2009 in order to focus on wrestling, but still does some modeling as promotional work for events (both Stardom and her own) and made her official in-ring debut in October 2010 at her own independent event following a special exhibition appearance at an indy event produced by All-Japan star NOSAWA Rongai. She lost to Nanae Takahashi in her debut match but she received many positive reviews on her debut performance. Aikawa will be one of the top stars in Stardom and will seek to avenge her loss to Takahashi.
Aikawa produced her second independent wrestling event on February 6, 2011 and at that event scored her first career win in just her 3rd match, defeating longtime joshi veteran Yumiko Hotta in a singles match, hopefully the first of many great wins to come for this true “grapple beauty”. She produced a third independent event on May 15, 2011 and, in perhaps her biggest match to date, went to a time limit draw against Ayumi Kurihara. Outside of the ring, she is currently affiliated with the Platinum Production talent agency-they also help produce & promote her independent events. Yuzuki’s next independent event, her 4th under the “Yuzupon Matsuri” label, is scheduled for August 2011.
Yuzuki also unveiled a new gimmick in Stardom in April 2011-for at least one exhibition match she will compete as Yuzupon Mask, a more feminine take on the famed Tiger Mask.
Yuzuki missed the first event of her young career in July 2011, being inactive and sitting out the 7/10 Stardom event due to a chest injury. returned on 7/24 and won her first title, becoming the inguaural Wonder Of Stardom Champion.

Stats & Info:
Age: 28
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 110 pounds/50 kg
Experience: Rookie
Finishing move: Yuzupon Kick
Current affiliation: Stardom
Alternate names/gimmicks: Yuzupon Mask

Titles won:
1-time Wonder Of Stardom Champion

Official websites (Japanese):