WAVE (Pro Wrestling WAVE)

(Pictured left-to-right: Shu Shibutani, Toshie Uematsu, Yumi Ohka, GAMI, Moeka Haruhi. Not pictured: Sakura Candle)
WAVE, aka Pro Wrestling WAVE, is a joshi promotion founded in 2007 by GAMI, a joshi veteran who was an accomplished tag team wrestler in the 80s & 90s, who now specializes in light-hearted and comedy matches. Unlike the other joshi promotions, it tries to strike more of a balance between serious wrestling and entertainment. The promotion primarily runs in small well-known arenas like Shinjuku FACE & Shin-Kiba 1st Ring, but made what could be considered a very successful Korakuen debut in October 2010, with cards primarily consisting of matches spanning a variety of tournaments each with a different theme, such as those for tag teams, veterans, younger wrestlers and those with more comedic styles. The promotion runs throughout Japan (usually their road shows are in Nagoya & Osaka) and, like the other joshi promotions, maintains its own stable of talent while cross-promoting with other joshi promotions.

WAVE has one title as of November ’09, the TLW World Young Women’s Tag Team Championship. A second title, an as-yet-unnamed tag team title, was introduced in August 2011 and will officially be implemented in October 2011.

Current talent based in promotion:
Yumi Ohka (桜花由美/Yumi Ouka)
Moeka Haruhi (春日萌花 / Kasuga 萌 flower)
Shu Shibutani (渋谷シュウ/ Shibuya [shiyuu]) (Inactive-injured; Returns 8/28/2011)
Toshie Uematsu (植松寿絵 / Planting Matuosi picture)
Kayo Fujimori (Retired)
Sakura Candle (桜蝋燭 / The cherry tree candle) (Alternate gimmick used occasionally by Yumi Ohka)

Titles & History:
TLW World Young Women’s Tag Team Championship
WAVE Tag Team Championship (working/unofficial name)

The promotion’s official website (in Japanese) can be accessed via the following URL: