Kaientai Dojo (K-DOJO)

(Pictured left-to-right: Kaji Tomato, HIROKI, Kengo Mashimo, Yuji Hino, Shiori Asahi [in back with skateboard], Taishi Takizawa, Marines Mask 2, TAKA Michinoku)
Kaientai Dojo, aka K-DOJO, is an independent wrestling promotion and training facility owned and operated by wrestler Taka Michinoku. It is based in the Chiba Prefecture area of Japan but promotes events throughout the country. The promotion places emphasis on a new style of Puroresu that combines high-flying, technical wrestling and martial arts. This style was largely contributed to by Taka and is gaining popularity in Japan and abroad. K-DOJO is also heavily influenced by American-style wrestling and places a large amount of importance on presentation. For instance, each Club-K 3000 show that K-DOJO runs is equipped with a large screen near the entrance gate, similar to the WWF/E “Titantron”, where a short introductory vignette is played during each wrestler’s entrance and where the crowd can follow the action on-screen. They have a home building that doubles as their training facility, Chiba Blue Field, where all of their Club-K 3000 shows are held. They occasionally run shows in larger venues, usually Korakuen Hall.
Kaientai Dojo originated in 2001 as a small wrestling school in Puerto Rico run by Taka Michinoku. After Taka returned to Japan in 2002, he established the Japanese branch of Kaientai Dojo, which would soon become a wrestling promotion. The small federation grew over the years and is now an independent league that runs as a promotion, wrestling school and talent loan organization to various other leagues such as All-Japan, Dragon Gate and Michinoku Pro. Some of their talent also participats in other indies including DDT and Big Japan.
A particular aspect of K-DOJO is that it is one of the few wrestling promotions to feature both men and women. Women can wrestle in the same ring as men, either during mixed tag matches or even singles matches. Also, they can challenge for championship belts, something that would be unheard of in most (non-joshi) wrestling promotions. There are currently 2 active women on the K-DOJO roster-Yuu Yamagata and Bambi.
The promotion also promotes an occasional series of shows under the Chiba Happy Pro Wrestling label, which features a handful of masked wrestlers based in Chiba.
K-DOJO currently has 3 titles: Champion Of STRONGEST-K, STRONGEST-K Tag Team, Chiba 6 Man Tag Team (added in April 2011). They also recognize the UWA Middleweight, WEW Hardcore Tag Team and Independent Junior Heavyweight Championship. They also run 3 annual tournaments: STRONGEST-K Tournament, STRONGEST-K Tag Team Tournament/KAIENTAI DOJO Tag League, K-Metal League.

Current roster (profile pages coming soon):
TAKA Michinoku (TAKAみちのく / [ku] of TAKA being full)
JOE (JOE) (Inactive-injured)
Boso Boy Raito (房総ボーイ雷斗 / Room entire boy thunder 斗) (Appears occasionally)
Boso Boy Left
Yuu Yamagata (山縣優 / Yamagata superior) (Independent/Freelancer; No longer with promotion as of 8/1/2011)
Taishi Takizawa (滝澤大志 / Cascade 澤 ambition) (Not with promotion as of 9/11/2011-overseas excursion)
Hiro Tonai (ヒロ・トウナイ / [hiro] [tounai])
Quiet Storm (Quiet storm) (gaijin) (Currently not with promotion, but appears occasionally)
Randy Takuya (ランディ拓也 / Takuya Run D) (Now competing as Dandy Takuya)
Tadanobu Fujisawa
Ryuichi Sekine (関根龍一 / Ryuichi Sekine)
Marlins Mask
Kengo Mashimo (真霜拳號 / True frost fist 號)
KAZMA (KAZMA) (Not with promotion as of 9/11/2011-overseas excursion)
Kaji Tomato (梶トマト / Rudder tomato)
Yuji Hino (火野裕士 / Yuuzi Hino)
Saburo Inematsu (稲松三郎 / Rice plant pine Saburo)
Makoto Oishi (大石真翔 / True Sho Oishi) (Independent/Freelancer)
Shiori Asahi (旭志織 / Kyokushi weaving)
Bambi (Bambi) (Inactive-injured)
Kunio Toshima (Retired)
Daigoro Kashiwa (柏大五郎 / Kashiwa Daigoro)
PSYCHO (Now competing as Marines Mask 2)
Mr. X (Mr. X) (Inactive-injured)
Kim Nam Seok
(キム・ナムソク / [kimu] [namusoku])
HIROKI (HIROKI) (Independent/Freelancer)
Marines Mask 2 (マリーンズマスク / [marinzumasuku]) (Formerly PSYCHO)
Ganko Taketo (岩虎タケト / Rock tiger [taketo])
Tadanobu Fujisawa (藤澤忠伸 / Rattan 澤 loyal Noboru) (appears occasionally)
Hardcore Kid Kojiro (Hardcore kid 狐次郎 / Hardcore kid fox Jiro) (appears occasionally)
Yuki Sato (佐藤悠己 / Sato 悠 oneself)
Yoko Chihana (ちはな陽子 / As for [chi] proton) (Referee)
Tommy Ibaraki (トミー茨城 / Tommy Ibaraki) (Referee)
Akimune Narushi (ナルシー秋宗 / Null sea fall the sect) (Referee)
Fuyuki Mikata (味方冬樹 / Friend winter tree) (Ring Announcer)
Mike Sato (マイク佐藤 / Microphone Sato) (K-DOJO Commissioner)

Titles & History:
Champion of STRONGEST-K
STRONGEST-K Tag Team Championship
Chiba 6 Man Tag Team Championship
UWA World Middleweight Championship (Recognized by K-DOJO but not an official K-DOJO title)
WEW Hardcore Tag Team Championship (Recognized by K-DOJO but not an official K-DOJO title)

The promotion’s official websites (in Japanese) can be accessed via the following URL:
http://www.youtube.com/user/KAIENTAIDOJOjp (YouTube channel, created April 2010)

K-DOJO Theme: