Champion Of STRONGEST-K History

The Champion Of STRONGEST-K is the top singles title in the K-DOJO promotion. It was created on July 3, 2004 when Hi69 defeated Kengo Mashimo in the finals of a 16-man tournament to become the first champion.

To this date there have been 11 Champions Of STRONGEST-K. They are listed below in order of reign along with which reign it was (some won it multiple times), length of reign and number of successful defenses.
1-Hi69. 1st reign. Length: 7/3/2004-9/11/2004. Successful defenses: 1.

2-Kaz Hayashi. 1st reign. Length: 9/11/2004-1/10/2005. Successful defenses: 2.

3-Taka Michinoku. 1st reign. Length: 1/10/2005-1/6/2006. Successful defenses: 6.

4-JOE. 1st reign. Length: 1/6/2006-10/9/2006. Successful defenses: 5.

5-Kengo Mashimo. 1st reign. Length: 10/9/2006-4/13/2008. Successful defenses: 5.

6-Yuji Hino. 1st reign. Length: 4/13/2008-8/9/2008. Successful defensees: 2.

7-Kengo Mashimo. 2nd reign. Length: 8/9/2008-4/12/2009. Successful defenses: 2.

8-Taka Michinoku. 2nd reign. Length: 4/12/2009-10/18/2009. Successful defenses: 4.

9-KAZMA. 1st reign. Length: 10/18/2009-8/15/2010. Successful defenses: 5.

10-Yuji Hino. 2nd reign. Length: 8/15/2010-6/18/2011. Successful defenses: 4.

11-Kengo Mashimo. 3rd reign. Length: 6/18/2011-Present (Current Champion). Successful defenses: 1. Next defense: 9/4/2011 vs. Shuji Ishikawa.