Kaji Tomato

One of the top young rising stars in K-DOJO, Kaji Tomato is a 3-year veteran who has quickly climbed to the upper ranks of the mid-card. He was formerly known as Kaji Yamato but decided to change his name to Kaji Tomato in October 2009 for reasons only known to him.

Stats & Info:
Real name: Kaji Yamato
Age: 22
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 165 pounds/75 kg
Experience: 3 years
Finishing move: Rolling Thunder, Red Eye, Spider Lock
Current affiliation: K-DOJO
Ring entrance theme: “COUNT-0-Dive In Roulette” by MARBLE TRAVELERS

Titles won:
1-time STRONGEST-K Tag Team Champion
1-time UWA Middleweight Champion

Tournaments won:
2006 Indy Summit Participant Determination Tournament
2009 UWA Middleweight Title Contendership Tournament

Official website (Japanese):