Lance Archer

Best known to US fans as his real name (Lance Hoyt), Lance Archer is an 11-year veteran who has competed throughout the US and debuted in New Japan during the promotion’s US tour in May 2011. Although he spent 5 years with TNA Wrestling, he continued to be based primarily in his native Texas before signing with WWE in 2009. Before his WWE stint, he also briefly worked with All-Japan, and like most gaijin debuting in the promotion he was aligned with the Voodoo Murders faction. When he debuted in WWE afterwards he changed his ring name to Lance Archer, which soon afterwards was changed again to Vance Archer. He competed on the ECW brand before it was disbanded, and in spring 2010 made his first appearance on a WrestleMania event, competing in a pre-show battle royal at WM 26.
Archer then was sent to Smackdown and became a team with Curt Hawkins, and they would soon get the better of MVP & Christian before they would eventually break up in October 2010 when they turned on each other. The feud never really got going, as Archer was among 6 released in November 2010. He then returned to the indies, picking up a couple titles soon after. On May 15, 2011, he made his New Japan debut during the promotion’s first US tour, alinging himself with Minoru Suzuki’s newly formed faction against the Satoshi Kojima-led faction. He has officially signed with New Japan, but it’s not known how long his contract runs. He will make his Japan debut in the promotion in late May or early June 2011. His listed height & weight will immediately make him one of the biggest & tallest wrestlers in the promotion.

Stats & Info:
Real name: Lance Hoyt
Age: 34
Height: 6’8″
Weight: 270 pounds/123 kg
Experience: 11 years
Finishing move: Blackout, Snap inverted DDT
Current affiliation: New Japan

Titles won:
2-time NWA World Tag Team Champion
1-time NWA Texas Heavyweight Champion
4-time PCW World Heavyweight Champion
3-time PCW World Tag Team Champion
3-time PCW World TV Champion
1-time RCW Champion

Tournaments won:
2009 Fighting Spirit Federation La Reunion World Cup

Other accolades:
Ranked #168 in 2010 PWI 500
2006 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Worst Worked Match Of The Year Award (TNA Reverse Battle Royal)