Milano Collection AT

Milano Collection AT was a 9-year veteran of wrestling who started out in Dragon Gate before moving on to New Japan. Debuting in the T2P system, he quickly became an ace in the promotion despite being saddled with a borderline ridiculous gimmick-he was pushed as an Italian supermodel who seemed to care more about looks than anything, and would even “walk” an invisible dog to ringside for his matches. He led the Italian Connection faction, and was a key focal point in the Toryumon alongside more established stars CIMA, Tokyo Magnum and Masaaki Mochizuki. He would win a few titles in DG, most notably the Open The Triangle Gate Title with YOSSINO (Masato Yoshino) and Anthony W. Mori, and he would have a 9-month reign as NWA International Light Heavyweight Champion, beating Yoshino to win a tournament for the title.
AT left DG in early 2005 for an extended US excursion, where he won the Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup, one of the top Indy tournaments in the US, in 2006. He returned to Japan after this, joining New Japan and winning the 2007 Best Of The Super Junior, his last big win and perhaps his most noteworthy.
AT retired on January 16, 2010 due to a severe eye injury that never really got better despite surgeries and other treatment. He left just 4 months short of what would’ve been his 10th anniversary as a wrestler. His silly gimmick sometimes covered up a pretty good wrestler who was hard to take seriously sometimes.

Stats & Info:
Real name: Akihito Teurino
Age: 33
Height: 6′
Weight: 207 pounds/94 kg
Experience: 9 years
Finishing move: Victoria Milanese, AT Lock
Current affiliation: Retired

Titles won:
1-time NWA International Light Heavyweight Champion
1-time Open The Triangle Gate Champion
2-time UWA Trios Champion

Tournaments won:
2000 Young Dragon Cup
2002 T2P Lucha Libre Classica League
2004 Rey De Parejas
2006 Jeff Peterson Memorial Cup
2007 Best Of The Super Junior