Akira Taue

One of the most feared and dominant wrestlers of the 1990s, Akira Taue is a 22-year veteran who’s still going as he approaches 50, currently competing in NOAH. A former sumo wrestler from 1980-1987, he debuted in All-Japan in 1988 teaming with the legendary Giant Baba. He became one of the promotion’s top stars in the mid-90s, winning virtually everything there is to win in the promotion: The Triple Crown, All-Japan World Tag Team Championship, All-Asia Tag Team Championship, Champions Carnival and World’s Strongest Tag League (twice). His greatest success was in tag teams, where he won the AJPW World Tag Team Titles 7 times, 6 of those coming with Toshiaki Kawada. He left for NOAH as part of Mitsuharu Misawa’s mass talent exodus in 2000 to form the promotion. His greatest success in NOAH came in 2005, when he won the GHC Heavyweight Championship and reigned for nearly 3 months. Since then he has mostly competed in mid-card tag team action while also doing some singles wrestling. He still possesses one of the best chokeslams in wrestling, including his signature belly-to-back version known as “Ore ga Taue”, or I Am Taue.
After the tragic death of Misawa in June 2009, Taue was appointed President of NOAH, a position he still holds today. Although he’s cut back on his wrestling a little bit since then, he remains quite active in the NOAH ring and seems content to mostly compete in opening and mid-card matches, primarily in tag team and 6-man contests.

Stats & Info:
Age: 49
Height: 6’4″
Weight: 264 pounds/120 kg
Experience: 22 years
Finishing move: I Am Taue
Current afiliation: NOAH
Ring entrance theme: “ECLIPSE” by unknown

Titles won:
1-time GHC Heavyweight Champion
1-time All-Japan Triple Crown Champion
7-time All-Japan World Tag Team Champion
1-time All-Asia Tag Team Champion

Tournaments won:
1996 Champions Carnival
1996, 1997 World’s Strongest Tag League

Other accolades:
14 Wrestling Observer Newsletter 5 Star Matches
1992 Tokyo Sports Grand Prix Fighting Spirit Award
1995 Tokyo Sports Grand Prix Outstanding Performance Award
1996 Tokyo Sports Grand Prix Fighting Spirit Award
1997 Tokyo Sports Grand Prix Best Tag Team Award (with Toshiaki Kawada)