Takeshi Morishima

The monster that is Takeshi Morishima is the biggest wrestler in NOAH and an 11-year veteran of wrestling. In addition to NOAH, he has represented the promotion around the world including in the USA and Mexico as well as Europe.
Originally trained by the late Mitsuharu Misawa & Akira Taue, Morishima debuted in All-Japan in 1998 and was part of the mass talent exodus to form NOAH in 2000. He made the first of many US appaearances in 2003, competing for Harley Race’s WLW promotion then spent most of 2007 competing in Ring Of Honor, where he spent nearly a year as ROH World Champion and was recognized with the Cauliflower Alley “Future Legend” Award. He returned to NOAH in early 2008 and defeated Misawa to win the GHC Heavyweight Championship, beginning a 6 month reign that lasted until he lost the title to Kensuke Sasaki in September 2008. He also competed frequently in tag teams, where he was best known as half of the team “Double Takeshis” with Takeshi Rikioh. Morishima then had a couple of WWE tryout matches but nothing more.
Morishima then returned to ROH at the end of 2008, an appearance that began a down period for the former champion, as he really struggled in the ring in 2009. He competed mostly in tag team ranks but did win the GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Championship with Sasaki. After the death of Misawa in June 2009, Morishima was named Chairman of the NOAH Wrestlers’ Association and appointed to an executive position within the promotion, a position he still holds today. In early 2010 Morishima made a brief excursion to Mexico in place of the injured Go Shiozaki. It’s still too early to know if he’ll be able to climb back to the top in 2010, but he’s capable and still possesses one of the most devastating and awe-inspiring backdrop suplexes in wrestling. He also will continue to represent NOAH in the USA and abroad. Morishima did start a possible comeback in March 2010 as he won the AAA Campeones de Parejas in Mexico with Taiji Ishimori for his first title since his latest GHC Tag Team Title reign.
Morishima is inactive as of mid-September 2010 due to a left foot injury. He will return on November 23, 2010.

Stats & Info:
Age: 31
Height: 6’3″
Weight: 319 pounds/145 kg
Experience: 12 years
Finishing move: Back drop suplex
Current affiliation: NOAH
Ring entrance theme: “Burning Through The Night” by unknown

Titles won:
1-time GHC Heavyweight Champion
4-time GHC Heavyweight Tag Team Champion
1-time ROH World Champion
2-time WLW Heavyweight Champion
1-time AAA Campeones de Parejas

Other accolades:
2006 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Most Improved Wrestler Award
2007 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Best Brawler Award
2007 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Match Of The Year Award (8/25 vs. Bryan Danielson)
2007 Tokyo Sports Grand Prix Fighting Spirit Award
Received Cauliflower Alley Future Legend Award In 2007
Ranked #10 In 2007 PWI 500