Puroresu Resources

This page is an index/appendix of sorts of the various puroresu websites and resources available on the web, all of which I have used as resources in assembling/maintaining this blog.

Official promotion websites (in Japanese unless otherwise noted):
New Japan Pro Wrestling
All-Japan Pro Wrestling
Pro Wrestling NOAH
Pro Wrestling NOAH (English)
Dragon Gate
Dragon Gate USA (English)
ZERO1 (English)

Kensuke Office
Michinoku Pro
Osaka Pro
Big Japan
Big Japan (English)
Fukumen Mania
Secret Base
Real Japan
SMASH (English)

If you can read/translate Japanese, another good source for puroresu news, as well as results for major events (primarily those in Tokyo), is “KAKUTOGI”, which is the wrestling/MMA section of SportsNavi, the Japanese version of Yahoo Sports:

Another occasionally used source is another major Japanese newspaper/website, Daily Sports-which you might recognize from the women’s tag team title that bears their name:

Finally, a good 3rd-party source for joshi results (especially when the official websites are slow to post them!) is the Ringstars blog, a companion site for the popular Japanese wrestling magazine RINGSTARS which focuses only on joshi puroresu:

Joshi promotion websites can be found by clicking on the “Joshi Puroresu” link at the top of the blog.

If wrestlers have personal websites/blogs they will be linked to on their profile page once I’ve created it.

Video sites: If you’re looking for puro videos online the best sites to check are YouTube and Veoh (veoh.com). If you’re doing a general search for videos then try searching for either “puroresu” or “joshi puroresu”, if you’re looking for a particular promotion try searching for that promotion. Additionally, New Japan now has a YouTube channel with a wide variety of content including over 100 matches in their entirety (mostly IWGP Title matches). Search YT for the user “NJPW” to find it. You can also find puroresu matches on Dailymotion.
Veoh features both classic and recent matches and, in some cases, complete shows (1-2+ hours). Be advised, however, that to watch 30+ minute videos on Veoh you must download and install a free plugin/player called Veoh Web Player for Firefox 3 or IE 7 (it may not work with IE 8), otherwise you can only watch the first 5 minutes. It does allow you to download the longer clips though.