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Joshi News: Ice Ribbon Titles Vacated, Tournament Set

08/24/2011 1 comment

SportsNavi just reported that as expected, Ice Ribbon announced today that the International Ribbon Tag Team Championship is now VACANT. Previous champions Emi Sakura & Makoto have vacated the titles due to Makoto leaving Ice Ribbon for SMASH. They also announced that Yokohama Ribbon on 9/24 will feature a 1 day tournament to crown new champions. The entered teams:
Hamuko Hoshi & Mochi Miyagi
DASH Chisako & Sendai Sachiko
Tsukasa Fujimoto & Hikaru Shida
Hikari Minami & Riho
Ray & Kurumi
Kaori Yoneyama & Sayaka Obihiro
Manami Toyota & Tsukushi
A UMA Corps-designated tag team, nothing is known about them.

Matchups TBA.


Joshi News: 8/24 Stardom Presser News/Notes

08/24/2011 1 comment

Stardom held their usual pre-event press conference today, notes ahead of this weekene’d event:
Injury Report: It’s a tough double whammy as 2 girls will have to miss this weekend’s event-Mayu Iwatani and…sorry guys, again…Yuzuki Aikawa. Iwatani is out due to physical condition defectiveness, Aikawa is out as she is recovering from the vicious beating she took from Dump Matsumoto at Yuzupon Matsuri 4 and told Rossy Ogawa there was no way she could compete this weekend. Iwatani is recovering at home. No word on how long either is out but they have a little over 2 weeks before the next event, which is 9/10.  Yuzuki did not attend the presser.

The biggest change to the card as a result is the addition of Hiroyo Matsumoto to the card, who will team with Nanae Takahashi in the main event. As a whole there appeared to be quite a bit of card shuffling due to the injuries. Matsumoto, Nanae & Yoshiko did most of the talking at the presser and of course there was a brief scuffle between all involved as well as Natsuki*Taiyo. Just another case of Yoshiko Being Yoshiko, especially considering she’s not even in the match. In another “Beauty & The Beast” type matchup, she’s The Beast that will face Haruka in the usual 3 minute match. Quite the size difference too:

Matsumoto attended as well and naturally was sporting one of the Nanae Takakashi t-shirts and playing it up for the photos:
Maybe she’s just jealous of Nanae getting to be on the cover of another Japanese magazine next week…and the fact that Nanae gets to share it with NOAH star Taiji Ishimori. Stardom’s website has a photo in their news section, it hits Japanese newsstands next week.

The full Sunday card:
Arisa Hoshiki vs. Eri Susa vs. Saki Kashima in a 3-way. First to get 2 consecutive pinfalls/submissions wins
Haruka vs. Yoshiko. Usual 3 minute match
Yoko Bito vs. Io Shirai
Nanae Takahashi & Hiroyo Matsumoto vs. Natsuki*Taiyo & Yoshiko

(Photos-Stardom’s official website)

Joshi News: More Happy Hour Updates, More

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Some joshi news to wrap up Tuesday night:
Hikaru has created a new blog that will serve as the site for her Happy Hour!! project. The blog can be accessed at this URL (in Japanese):
It was created 2 weeks ago.

The card for the first event on 9/4 was also updated today and now looks like this:
Kaoru Ito & Jenni Rose vs. Manami Toyota & Hailey Hatred
Sendai Sachiko vs. Jamie D
Kyoko Inoue & Sari vs. Aja Kong & Andore Mother
One more match TBA.
There will also be a talk show and a couple of entertainment acts performing. The big deal with the announcement was what appears to be Sari’s first main event match in her young career, as Inoue/Sari-Kong/Mother will be the main event. Ito/Rose-Toyota/Hatred was added to the card today. Sari recently did some promo photo work for the event, and looked quite nice in the kimono she wore. Then again, kimonos make every Japanese woman/girl look very beautiful (at least I think so).

Hikaru also posted these comments on the blog relating to Diana, both the recent internal/contract issues and also putting Sari over. Translation:

Always you supporting Diana, thank you truly.This each time we apologize the fact that annoyance and the unpleasant impression are given to everyone of the fan, deeply.


All player of present condition Diana is not defeated to any adversity or to pressure and everyday practice has persevered. Disturbing the world with thing other than professional wrestling can’t help, be very reluctant.

But, they are to continue to advance.The Sareee player of 15 years old which walk the so steep road, dauntlessly.It is groovy also you can think.


The feeling which it believes.
The power which it believes.
The person whom it believes.

That as for clear them, catching this present condition, is to look at before intently.

And such a their next participation conference, ‘Happy Hour of midsummer September 4th!!’So, Sareee player in life first main event!!

Inoue Kiyouko &Sareee vs [ajiya] [kongu] & the [andorearu] mother decided.We ask the encouragement of many ones by all means even alone may.

There being a for and against both theory, it is natural.But believing his own road in everyone of the player, when we would like you to dash, we have asked from heart.After it is September 4th, it is the Kawasaki city conference September 10th.

For those who haven’t heard, Diana apparently has undergone some corporate restructuring and contract re-negotiations. The latter ultimately led to Aya Yuki leaving the promotion a few days ago.

Also, glancing back through the earlier posts on the blog reveals that the rumored October Happy Hour!! event appears set for October 2. Location TBA.

Ringstars is holding a special “Noodles Pro” event on 11/6 at Shin-Kiba 1st Ring. Although it will feature some wrestlers this appears to be more about eating Chinese Noodles than actual wrestling. Among the confirmed and expected participation are Kaori Yoneyama, Leon, Mika Iida and MI*SA*KI, who as you can probably tell in the video below posted by Ringstars is a masked Misaki Ohata. Rather cute kitty mask too. The presser clip is below via Ringstars:

More Joshi News: Hiren Retirement Statement

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A little late with this, but Sendai Girls has posted the recent statement Hiren made at a talk event confirming her retirement and discussing why. I’ve translated the statement and, to some extent, it’s in part due to health issues, namely neck/back injuries she’s dealt with over the last year or so and not wanting to be dealing with it the rest of her life (she’s only 25). She also announced her final match before retiring will be on 11/8 at Zepp Sendai. Translation:

Tragic love of [sendaigaruzupuroresuringu] post November 8th (the fire) the ZEPP SENDAI conference stated that it retires lastly.
August 13th, inside Suginami Ku of capital Asa at valley LoftA it was held “now, after the talk show ending of the women who would like to talk together”, According to previous report the tragic love which announces retirement did release interview, put out comment.

* Tragic love comment

“This day many attendance thank you.
This each time my [sendaigaruzupuroresuringu] tragic love retiring with the Zepp sendai conference November 8th, it came to the point of with receiving.
In the past, the details which do the pressure fracture of the thoracic pad there is a reason of retirement, you thinking of future life in your own appearance, 5 years the decision, retirement with this pause which is said was done.5 years you say, while being short, it was, but the earnest to persevere to retirement, because it increases, also in the future we ask may.
(As for partner who would like to do to retirement doing and leaving?)
Because being limited, it increases time to retirement, that the player and the fighting it has not opposed truly we would like to be when you say, Because doing as for leaving by yourself the earnest we would like to run to retirement, In order to be able to burn to that time, earnest fighting we would like to be, one test union tournament”

More as it becomes available.

Joshi News: WAVE Presser News & Notes

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WAVE held a press conference today, notes coming out of it:
The previously planned tag team tournament was announced. The tournament, dubbed “DUAL SHOCK WAVE 2011”, will start on 9/4 and run through 10/30. Also announced was the creation of a new tag team title (name of titles not announced, for now I will refer to them as simply the WAVE Tag Team Titles until I know the official name), with the tournament winners becoming the inaugural champions. The first team was also announced for the tournament, which will be a familiar one-Toshie Uematsu & Ran Yu-Yu. The current WAVE schedule would have the tournament taking place over 5 events. Format was not announced but I’m going to assume it’ll be single-elimination.

Ayako Hamada participation was announced for Sunday’s 4th Anniversary event at Korakuen. Hamada, who was not at the presser, was also revealed by Yumi Ohka & Misaki Ohata as the newest member of their Black Dahlia faction. Comments Hamada made in advance that were read at the presser also confirm she is now a heel. Hamada was also revealed as the previously announced TBA in a 6-woman tag match with Yumi & Misaki.

GAMI announced the event will not only feature Ohka’s 10th Anniversary match, but also will be presented by sponsor P-Tech in commemoration of the corporation’s 15th anniversary. P-Tech will also sponsor WAVE and be a featured logo on the promotion’s ring mats going forward.  It also appears they will present the winner of the main event on 8/28 (aforementioned Yumi Ohka anniversary match) with a trip to Korea as a victor prize. And yes, GAMI & Ohka traded a couple verbal barbs near the end.

The latest Sunday card:
JWP Jr. Champion & POP Champion Sawako Shimotsuke vs. Nao Komatsu for the title
Moeka Haruhi & Cherry vs. Aya Yuki & Ryo Mizunami
Sakura Hirota & Kyusei Ninja Ranmaru vs. Kayoko Haruyama & Tsubasa Kuragaki (comedy match)
Toshie Uematsu & Ran Yu-Yu vs. Mio & Io Shirai vs. Mari & Fabi Apache in a 3-way
Kana vs. Ayumi Kurihara. No time limit
Shu Shibutani Return Match: Shu Shibutani vs. AKINO
Yumi Ohka 10th Anniversary Match: Yumi Ohka, Misaki Ohata & Ayako Hamada vs. GAMI, Aja Kong & Tomoka Nakagawa

Photo Galleries: Yuzupon Matsuri 4 & Ice Ribbon Korakuen (8/21)

08/22/2011 2 comments

SportsNavi has updated photo galleries from yesterday’s Yuzupon Matsuri 4 & Ice Ribbon Korakuen events, there are lots of photos from both events and each match, some thoughts & notes on each:
Yuzupon Matsuri:
First one from the pre-event dance performance. It’s possible there was someone else being Yuzupon Mask as Yuzuki looked to also be that superheroine in the exhibition match.  They did the music & dance number first, presumably with other girls represented by the Platinum Production talent agency. I wonder who that one in back in the purple was? Very big bouncy-bouncys! Gotta be fake…
One from the “Blast Milk Superheroine” vs. Yuzupon Mask exhibition.

In close-ups after the event ended, you can tell how beat up Yuzuki’s face was, her cheek really showed some battle scars.

Ice Ribbon:
Here’s perhaps my favorite from the set, proof that we all can still get along:
Awwwwwww…this was after the Riho-TAJIRI match. Then right after that came the very emotional send-off for Makoto before her match with Emi Sakura:
I might not be the biggest fan of hers, I might not agree with her career choices here, but leaving home is never easy and I’m sure Emi will welcome her back if she ever decides to return. In the meantime…good luck, Makoto. Make the most of your new opportunity.

And as it turns out, Miyako Matsumoto’s match involved her taking on a couple of oversized monsters. Some much-needed comedy here:

This one only because I think girls in glasses are very hot. I’ve seen that hottie somewhere before…

The link to the galleries:
Use the arrow links above to scroll through the pages. Each page has 9 photos, you can click on any photo for a larger view. All the pages with “20110821” in the URL are from the 8/21 events.

Joshi News: Even Sendai Girls Want Out Of Diana Now

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OK, not necessarily the case, just another bad pun of sorts, but it’s somewhat legit-Sendai Girls star Sendai Sachiko is now off the 9/10 Diana event. Because Sachiko won her recent match in REINA and advanced to the semifinals of the CMLL-REINA International Jr. Heavyweight Title Tournament, her next match falls on the 9/10 REINA event-and thus she’ll be on the REINA card and thus will not be able to appear in Diana that day. Diana apparently conferred with Sendai Girls regarding this matter and thus the decision was made. Sachiko has already been removed from the Diana card, it appears she may have been scheduled to team with Kaoru Ito against Meiko Satomura & Kagetu. The rest of the Sendai Girls are still on the card.