zero1-logo ZERO1 was founded in 2001 as Pro Wrestling Zero-One by the late Shinya Hashimoto and current promotion star Shinjiro Otani. In the past they had working agreements with a variety of promotions and were also a member of the NWA until 2004. After Hashimoto gave up ownership of the promotion in late ’04, a new parent company was formed and the company changed it’s name to Zero-One MAX. They then left the NWA and became a member of the AWA but still recognize some NWA titles. Hashimoto died in July 2005 of a brain aneurysm but the promotion continued on. In September ’06 the promotion joined several other promotions in forming the Global Pro Wrestling Alliance (GPWA), an alliance that will keep the various promotions involved from stepping on each other toes and instead fostering an environment of cooperation rather than competition. Ties with the AWA were severed in late ’07. Early in ’09 the promotion then changed it’s name again, this time to ZERO1. ZERO1 also promoted a special series on some of their events called Chick Fights SUN, which primarily featured singles matches between female wrestlers Hikaru & Saki Maemura, both retired from wrestling in early ’09 at young ages (both were only in their 20s). Today the promotion is run by Otani and owned by Japanese entertainment company First On Stage Entertainment (FOS).
The promotion will celebrate it’s 10th anniversary on March 6, 2011 with an event that will feature the in-ring debut of Hashimoto’s son Daichi. The NWA also welcomed ZERO1 back as a member in January 2011.
ZERO1 currently has 6 titles: World Heavyweight, NWA Intercontinental Tag Team, NWA Lightweight Tag Team, International Jr. Heavyweight, US Heavyweight, NWA United National Heavyweight. The US Title is inactive. A 7th title, NWA World Premium Heavyweight Championship, was added in August 2011.

Current active talent excluding the many outsiders/freelancers who frequently appear for them:
Shinya Hashimoto (Deceased)
Shinjiro Otani (大谷晋二郎 / Jiro Shin Motoya)
Masato Tanaka (田中将斗 / Tanaka military officer 斗)
Ryouji Sai (佐藤耕平 / 崔 territory two)
Kohei Sato (佐藤耕平 / Kouhei Sato)
Ikuto Hidaka (日高郁人 / The hidaka Iku person)
Minoru Fujita (藤田ミノル / Fujita [minoru]) (Independent/Freelancer, competes outside ZERO1 as FUJITA)
Shito Ueda (植田使徒 / Ueda apostle)
Yuzuru Saito (斎藤謙 / Saito 謙)
Yoshikazu Yokoyama (横山佳和 / Yokoyama it is good harmony)
Shota Takanashi (高西翔太 / High west Sho it is thick)
Kenta Kakinuma (柿沼謙太 / The persimmon swamp 謙 it is thick)
Akebono (Independent/Freelancer)
Takuya Sugawara (Independent/Freelancer)
Hikaru (Retired)
Saki Maemura (Retired)
Naoki (Ring Announcer)
Daichi Hashimoto

Titles & history:
ZERO1 World Heavyweight Championship
NWA Intercontinental Tag Team Championship
NWA Lightweight Tag Team Championship
ZERO1 International Jr. Heavyweight Championship
ZERO1 US Heavyweight Championship (Inactive)
NWA United National Heavyweight Championship
NWA World Premium Heavyweight Championship

The promotion’s official websites can be accessed via the following URLs: (Japanese) (Japanese-news) (Japanese-event results) (English) (Japanese-staff blog of First On Stage Entertainment, the owner & operator of ZERO1) (New; UStream channel-created July 2010, also viewable from ZERO1’s Japanese website)

ZERO1 Main Theme-“Hard Boiled City” (Note: Due to something about “restricted playback” because of its content you’ll need to go to YT via the link that will appear to play it. I will try and do a workaround in the future):