Big Daddy Voodoo

Yet another of the recent wave of gaijin in All-Japan that are former WWE castoffs, Big Daddy Voodoo-formerly known to fans as Mabel, Viscera and Big Daddy V among others-is a 19-year veteran who is one of the biggest active wrestlers today. He began his career in WWF in 1993, competing as Mabel as part of the tag team “Men On A Mission” or “MOM”. He had a 2-day reign as WWF Tag Team Champion before turning heel and getting a big singles push, culminating in winning the 1995 King Of The Ring tournament. He got a shot at then-WWF Champion Diesel but came up short, at which point he got more buried until leaving WWF in 1996. He then spent most of the next 2 years in the Tennessee indies until returning to WWF in 1998 for a one-night appearance with a new name & gimmick, Viscera. He then returned full-time in 1999 but was cut again in 2000. He was inactive until a surprise appearance in TNA in 2003 and the indies before returning again to WWE in 2004. He began competing as Viscera again when he debuted on Smackdown but was quickly moved to Raw. But he was mostly in Heat matches with only sporadic appearances on Raw, and those were mostly storylines with WWE Divas that led to a gimmick change. In 2007 he was sent to ECW and given a new gimmick and name, Big Daddy V-a powerhouse “hired gun” character in the employ of Matt Striker, arriving just in time to help Striker in his rivalry with The Boogeyman. He earned a shot at the ECW Title but again failed to win gold. He was drafted back to Smackdown in summer 2008 but released before making an appearance.
He then briefly appeared in NWA as King V before signing with Juggalo Championship Wrestling in 2009. In early 2010 he began making appearances in All-Japan as Big Daddy Voodoo, the biggest member of TARU’s Voodoo Murders faction. He has since won the All-Asia Tag Team Title with TARU and for the time being is a regular in the promotion, usually teaming with stablemates TARU, Hate, Minoru and fellow WWE castoffs Lance Cado & Rene Dupree.

Stats & Info:
Real Name: Nelson Frazier Jr.
Age: 38
Height: 6’6″ (sometimes billed as being 6’9″)
Weight: 485 pounds/220 kg
Experience: 19 years
Finishing move: Samoan Drop, Body Press
Current Affiliation: All-Japan

Titles won:
1-time All-Asia Tag Team Champion
1-time Memphis Wrestling Southern Heavyweight Champion
1-time MCW North American Heavyweight Champion
1-time OMW North American Heavyweight Champion
2-time PWF Tag Team Champion
1-time USWA Heavyweight Champion
1-time WWC Universal Heavyweight Champion
1-time WWF Hardcore Champion
1-time WWF Tag Team Champion
1-time XWF Heavyweight Champion

Tournaments won:
1995 WWF King Of The Ring

Other accolades:
1993 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Worst Worked Match
1999 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Worst Tag Team (with Mideon)
2007 Wrestling Observer Newsletter Worst Feud (with Kane)
Ranked #49 in 1995 PWI 500