DDT (Dramatic Dream Team)

Dramatic Dream Team, also known as DDT or D2T, is a Japanese indy promotion founded in 1997 by wrestler Sanshiro Takagi. It’s style makes it the promotion in Japan that most closely seems to resemble that of WWE-matches tend to be a mix of Japanese lucharesu, semi-worked shoot-style, hardcore brawling and comedy matches. In fact, they even took a page out of WWE by introducing a title that can be contested for 24/7 and has been won by people, animals, stuffed dolls, and even inanimate objects including food. They primarily run shows at the small Shin-Kiba 1st Ring arena and also promote 3 sub-brands: Hard Hit, which features a points-based system to determine winners, Cruiser’s Game, which focuses on high-flyers and is only promoted, on average, 1-2 times a year, and BOYZ-events loaded with handsome/attractive male indy wrestlers that target female fans-but all appearsto have been discontinued. Additionally, the promotion also operates 2 dining establishments in Tokyo-Dropkick, a bar, and Mitsuboshi Curry, a more traditional restaurant. DDT now also promotes Union Pro Wrestling shows under it’s own banner.
DDT currently has 5 titles: KO-D (King Of DDT) Openweight Championship, DDT Extreme Championship, KO-D Tag Team Championship, DDT Iron Man Heavymetalweight Championship (a title that has a 24/7 rule like the old WWF Hardcore Championship), DDT 6-Person Tag Team Championship. They also recognize the Independent Junior Heavyweight Championship and UWA World Trios Championship.
Union Pro has no titles but they recognize DDT titles.

Current active roster:
Sanshiro Takagi
(高木三四郎/  Takagi Sanshiro) (Now affiliated with Union Pro)
Kota Ibushi
(飯伏 幸太 / Rice 伏 happiness it is thick)
Tanomasaku Toba ( タノムサク鳥羽 / [tanomusaku] Toba)
Danshoku Dieno (男色ディーノ / Man color [deino])
Yasu Urano (ヤス・ウラノ / [yasu] [urano])
Toru Owashi (大鷲透 / Large eagle being transparent)
Masa Takanashi (マサ高梨 / [masa] Takanasi)
Poison Sawada JULIE (ポイズン澤田JULIE / Poison Sawada JULIE)
Michael Nakazawa (中澤マイケル / In 澤 Michael)
Hoshitango (星誕期 / Hositango)
Muscle Sakai (マッスル坂井 / [matsusuru] Sakai) (Retired)
Tomomitsu Matsunaga (松永智充 / Matsunaga Satoshi being full)
Yukihiro Abe (安部行洋 / Abe line ocean)
Keisuke Ishii (石井慧介 / Ishii Kei mediating/helping)
Tomokazu Taniguchi (谷口智一 / Satoshi Taniguti one) (No longer with promotion)
Daichi Kakimoto (柿本大地 / Main ground of persimmon)
Gorgeous Matsuno (ゴージャス松野 / Gorgeous Matsuno)
Kazuhiro Tamura (田村和宏 / Harmony Hiroshi Tamura)
Yoshiaki Yago (矢郷良明 / Arrow home village Yoshiaki)
Gota Ihashi (伊橋剛太 / Italy bridge hardness it is thick) (Inactive-injured)
Francesco Togo (フランチェスコ・トーゴー / [huranchiesuko] [togo]) (Dick Togo)
PIZA Michinoku (PIZAみちのく / [ku] of PIZA being full) (Taka Michinoku) (No longer with promotion)
Antonio Honda (アントーニオ本多 / [antonio] Honda)
Sasaki And Gabbana (ササキ・アンド・ガッパーナ / [sasaki] and [gatsupana]) (Now competing as Daisuke Sasaki)
Hikaru Sato (佐藤光留 / Sato optical stopping)
Rion Mizuki (美月凛音 / Beauty month 凛 sound) (Independent/Freelancer)
Kazuki Hirata (平田一喜 / Hirata joy)
Takao Soma (高尾蒼馬 / Takao it is green the horse)
Makoto Oishi (大石真翔 / True Sho Oishi)
Shigehiro Irie (入江茂弘 / Hiro inlet Shigeru)
Kenny Omega (gaijin)
YOSHIHIKO (ヨシヒコ / [yoshihiko])
DJ Nira (DJニラ / DJ leek)
Inoue Mic (井上マイク / Inoue microphone) (Ring announcer)
Megumi Grace Asano (浅野グレース恵 / Asano grace blessing) (Referee, retired)
Rikiya Shindo (新藤力也 / Rikiya Shindo) (Ring announcer)
Yukinori Matsui (松井幸則 / Matsui happiness rule) (Referee)
Daisuke Kiso (木曽大介 / Kiso large mediating/helping) (Referee)
Amon Tsurumi (鶴見亜門 / Tsurumi subphylum) (DDT General Manager)

Union Pro talent:
Shuji Ishikawa (石川修司 / Learning/repairing Osamu Ishikawa)
ISAMI (ISAMI) (Isami Kodaka) (Also competes near-fulltime in Big Japan)
Ken Ohka (大家健 / Expert health)
Seiya Morohashi (諸橋晴也 / Bridge Seiya) (Now competing as “Big Morohashi”)
726 (726)
Cherry (チェリー / Cherry) (Also competes in joshi promotions, primarily WAVE)
Ryu Gouma (竜剛馬 / Dragon hardness horse)
Hiro Tumaki (妻木洋夫 / Wife wooden Namio)
Shinichiro Timinaga (冨永真一郎 / 冨 It is long true Ichiro)
Hiroshi Hukuda (福田洋 / Fukuda ocean)

Titles and History:
KO-D Openweight Championship
DDT Extreme Championship
KO-D Tag Team Championship
DDT Iron Man Heavymetalweight Championship
DDT Jiyugaoka 6-Person Tag Championship

Titles recognized by DDT but not created by or exclusive to DDT:
Independent Junior Heavyweight Championship
UWA Trios Championship

The promotion’s official websites (in Japanese) can be accessed via the following URLs:
http://ddtpro.com (Main site)
http://www.ddtpro.com/union/ (Union Pro sub-site)
http://www.ddtpro.com/hardhit/ (Hard Hit sub-site)
http://www.ddtpro.com/cruiser/ (Cruiser’s Game sub-site)
http://www.ddtpro.com/twimedi/ (Special site featuring the Twitter feeds of every DDT star that has a Twitter all in one place)