JWP (Japan Women Project)

JWP (Japan Women Project) is the oldest active joshi promotion in Japan today, dating back to 1992. The promotion is run by wrestler Command Bolshoi (Commando Bolshoi), who has been with the promotion since the beginning and is a 20-year veteran of the sport. The promotion promotes throughout Japan, and currently has a roster of 10 main wrestlers and frequently features talent from other joshi promotions (all joshi promotions work with the others).

JWP currently has 3 titles, one of which is the oldest active title in joshi puroresu: JWP Openweight Championship, JWP Tag Team Championship, JWP Jr. Title. The Tag Team titles are currently unified with the Daily Sports Tag Team Titles, while the Jr. Title is unified with the POP Title, which was a singles title in the now-defunct JDstar promotion. They also recognize the High Speed Championship, the title formerly known as the NEO High Speed Championship.

Current talent based in promotion:
Command Bolshoi (コマンド ボリショイ / Command Bolshoi)
Kaori Yoneyama (米山香織 / Kaori Yoneyama)
Kayoko Haruyama (春山香代子 / Spring mountain Kayoko)
Sachie Abe (阿部幸江 / Abe happiness river)
Leon (Leon)
Tsubasa Kuragaki (倉垣翼 / Warehouse fence wing)
Moon Mizuki (ムーン瑞月 / Moon 瑞 month) (Inactive)
masu-me (masu-me)
Tessy Sugo (テッシー・スゴー / [tetsushi] [sugo])  (Referee)
Azumi Hyuga (日向あずみ / Hyuga [a] completed) (Retired)
Pinky Mayuka (ピンキー真由香 / Pin key Mayuka) (Retired)
Hanako Nakamori (中森華子 / Nakamori bloom child)
Tomoko Morii (森居知子 / Forest staying Tomoko)
Manami Katsu (勝 愛実 / Victory love truth)
Rabbit Mito
Nana Kawasa

Titles & History:
JWP Openweight Championship
JWP Jr. Championship
POP (Princess Of Pro Wrestling) Championship
JWP Tag Team Championship
Daily Sports Tag Team Championship
JWP Korakuen Tag Team Championship (Inactive)

The promotion’s official websites (in Japanese) can be accessed at the following URLs:
Note that you can also access the main site at jwp-produce.com, but use the above URL if using a translator otherwise it won’t work (you’ll get a Not Found message).