Tiger Hattori

Tiger Hattori is a referee in New Japan who has been involved in wrestling in some form for over 35 years. An amateur wrestler in college, Hattori competed in the All-Japan wrestling championships. Soon afterwards he began working with Hiro Matsuda and Masa Saito before making his referee debut in 1977 in the US. He joined All-Japan in 1980 as an NWA-recognized referee, then moved to New Japan in 1982 before leaving in 1984 to work for Riki Choshu’s Fighting World Of Japan. After the pro wrestling collapse in Japan, Hattori returned to New Japan and was appointed to a referee management position in 2001. He left New Japan again in 2002 but returned in 2004. Today he continues to referee and also does some PR work for the promotion.

Stats & Info:
Real name: Masao Hattori
Age: 64
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Experience: 32 years (as referee)
Finishing move: N/A
Current affiliation : New Japan