Katsuhiko Nagata

Katsuhiko Nagata is a former Olympic wrestler who makes an occasional appearance in New Japan, but primarily represents the promotion in MMA under the “New Japan Factory” banner. He is the younger brother of New Japan star Yuji Nagata. He first appeared in New Japan alongside Yuji at the ’05 Tokyo Dome show.
Katsuhiko also is an Olympic medalist, he won the Silver Medal in the 63-69 kg weight division in Greco-Roman Wrestling at the 2000 Summer Olympics. He also represented Japan in the 2004 Athens Olympics but did not medal.
In MMA he currently has a 6-7-1 career record as of June 20, 2010, following a loss in his most recent fight that snapped a 2-fight winning streak.

Stats & Info:
Age: 36
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 176 pounds/80 kg (sometimes competes at lower weights in MMA)
Experience: Believed to be 4 years (as wrestler)
Finsihing move: N/A
Current affiliation: New Japan
Ring entrance theme: Unknown

2004 Olympic Silver Medal, Greco-Roman Wrestling (63-69 kg division)

MMA record (as of 6/19/2010): 6-7-1

Official website (Japanese):