Natsuki*Taiyo is a 7-year veteran who debuted in the late days of All-Japan Women and has bounced around between being a freelancer and working for soon-to-be-defunct promotions. She originally competed as her real name in AJW then changed it to Natsuki*Head before changing it to her current name. Later she moved on to SUN but since 2008 she’s been a freelancer but is affiliated with Passion Red and competes mostly for NEO, where she became the promotion’s first NEO High Speed Champion in 2009. She also won the DDT Iron Man Heavymetalweight Championship twice in 2006 as Natsuki*Head. Oh, and don’t let pictures fool you-compared to many of her joshi counterparts she looks smaller than she really is-in fact, height-wise she’s almost tiny! But she’s also very fast, energetic and is a skilled high-flier who’s fun to watch.
These days she tends to go wherever stablemate Nanae Takahashi does, primarily competing in various promotions but also is fairly active in Ice Ribbon, and in 2011 will become one of the top stars in the new Stardom promotion while trying to regain and hold on to the NEO High Speed Championship which will still be recognized by Stardom.

Stats & info:
Real name: Natsumi Mizushima
Age: 26
Height: 4′ 11 3/4″
Weight: 128 pounds/58 kg
Experience: 7 years
Finsihing move: Taiyo*chan Bomb
Current affiliation: Stardom

Titles won:
2-time DDT Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion (as Natsuki*Head)
3-time High Speed Champion (2 times when title was NEO High Speed Title)
1-time POP Champion
1-time World-1 Women’s Champion

Official website (Japanese):