Kishin Kawabata

Kishin Kawabata is an 18-year veteran who followed the path of several of his former fellow wrestlers that began as sumo wrestlers. He competed in NOAH starting in December 2000, first as a freelancer then later as a regular member of the promotion. His best year was 2007 when he won the GHC Hardcore Championship, then turned it into a tag team title with partner Kentaro Shiga before turning it back into a singles title by beating Shiga.
Kawabata left NOAH in January 2010, opting not to re-sign with the promotion and become a freelancer. He still makes occasional appearances in the promotion.

Stats & Info:
Age: 44
Height: 5’11”
Weight: 242 pounds/110 kg
Experience: 18 years
Finishing move: Diving Senton, Ax Bomber
Current affiliation: Independent/Freelancer

Titles won:
2-time GHC Hardcore Champion (once as GHC Hardcore Tag Team Champion)