Real Japan

rjpw-logo3Real Japan is an independent promotion (more like a series similar to LOCK UP) that primarily focuses on cards featuring still-active legends of the ring. The promotion was founded by and is operated by Tiger Mask 1 (First Tiger Mask), who is a legend of puroresu and also the founder of the Shooto MMA promotion, as well as the founder of Seiken-do and the initiator of Seiken-shinkage-ryu. The promotion’s top stars are TM 1 and freelancers Gran Hamada, Yoshihiro Takayama and Minoru Suzuki and other respected veterans. They typically run one show every 3 months.

Real Japan has 2 titles, Legend Championship and Tag Team. The Tag Team Championship was introduced in December 2010.

Current talent based on promotion and those who participate regularly:
Tiger Mask 1 (First Tiger Mask)
Super Tiger 2
Tiger Shark
Super Tiger
Black Tiger
Super Rider
Black Shadow
Alexander Otsuka
Yuji Sakuragi (MMA)
Kouzou Urita (MMA)

Titles & History (coming soon):
Legend Championship
Real Japan Tag Team Championship

The promotion’s official website (in Japanese) is part of TM 1’s official website, which can be accessed via the following URL: