Super Shisa

A borderline parody/imitation of Tiger Mask, Super Shisa is another of the several masked wrestlers in Dragon Gate. A 10-year veteran, he started out in the Toryumon promotion as his real name, then became SAITO and would become a top player in the Toryumon, even winning the Hakata City Light Heavyweight Title, the top belt in KAGEKI. SAITO abruptly retired in late 2001, announcing that a student named Super Shisa would take his place. SAITO would ultimately be outed in 2007, when it was revealed that it was in fact he that was the masked Super Shisa.
Shisa debuted on November 8, 2001, or roughly 10 days after SAITO “retired”. Since then, Shisa has been mostly a low to mid-carder in DG, and generally has been one of a few wrestlers not affiliated with any faction full-time outside of being a member of Pos.HEARTS from 2005-2007, an alliance that earned Shisa his only DG title to date-an Open The Triangle Gate Title reign, although these days he does tend to side with the Zetsurins group, a faction made up of the old-timers/veterans of the roster. He also appears regularly on NEX shows and teams with his “protege”, Shisa BOY, on occasion.

Stats & Info:
Real name: Yoshiyuki Saito
Age: 39
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 170 pounds/77 kg
Experience: 10 years
Finishing move: Shisa Clutch, Yoshitonic
Current affiliation: Dragon Gate

Titles won:
1-time KAGEKI Hakata City Light Heavyweight Champion
1-time Open The Triangle Gate Champion