Aika Ando

Aika Ando is one of Ice Ribbon’s least experienced (and of course most popular) wrestlers with just over 2 years’ experience. She also competes almost exclusively in the promotion, but began expanding her reach in early 2010 and appearing in other promotions-most notably DDT. She currently appears in Ice Ribbon on an occasional basis, usually only doing major events.
When not competing she’s a “weathergirl” for Nikkan Sports and she’s also a popular gravure/bikini idol and was the only “survivor” of an apparent gravure idol wrestling promotion. In September 2009 she did a promo video where she did appear in a bikini. She also makes regular appearances on TV Tokyo (a TV channel in Tokyo) and is now even a singer! She released her debut single in spring 2010 (she may be part of a massive girl group) and is also an actress who has done some movie work in addition to TV-to this date she’s starred in 8 films in Japan. When not wrestling she is represented in the “idol universe” by the New Gate Production Agency.

Stats & info:
Age: 24
Height: 5’3″
Weight: Unknown (she’s not telling)
Experience: 2 years
Finishing move: Unknown
Current affiliation: Ice Ribbon

Official websites (Japanese): (Talent agency/entertainer profile including listings of her prior acting/singing works)

Promo video featuring Ando from September 2009 (was done for 10/12 Ice Ribbon appearance, I only put it here so you can see her in that bikini):