Gabe Sapolsky

Gabe Sapolsky is the Vice President of Dragon Gate USA and a veteran booker on the US independent scene. He started out in ECW, working behind the scenes with Paul Heyman from the promotion’s beginning until the very end. He then joined the then-new Ring Of Honor promotion and worked for them from the beginning until being let go in the late 2000s. After leaving ROH he was brought on board with DGUSA to be VP and booker and helped launch the promotion in 2009. In addition to his duties with DGUSA Sapolsky is involved with a new indy promotion called EVOLVE Wrestling. He also is a loyal Philadelphia Phillies fan and is easily bribed with Phillies tickets. Hint hint.

Stats & Info:
Age: 37
Height: Unknown
Weight: Unknown
Experience: Unknown
Finishing move: N/A
Current affiliation: Dragon Gate USA

Official website (English):