logoBattlARTS is a small independent promotion founded in 1996 by and run by wrestler Yuki Ishikawa. It’s style is based more around shoot-style wrestling and it often co-promoted with other wrestling promotions and even occasionally with the MMA promotion RINGS. It also sometimes uses a point system to determine a winner in the event of draws.
The promotion folded in 2001 but was revived in 2003 and has since run an average of 1 show a month, usually at it’s home arena-Kitasenju Theater 1010. They also frequently work with the Futen promotion and their wrestlers appear as freelancers in other promotions, these days that’s usually ZERO1 through a working agreement.
BattlARTS has unique rules in that they are more of a shoot-style promotion. In what they call B-Rule matches, which appear to be closer to shoot matches, there are no pinfalls-you must win by KO or submission. If a competitor is deemed to have been knocked down by standing strikes the referee administers a 10-count like in boxing. If the downed wrestler does not get up before 10, it’s a KO and the match is over. Most B-Rule matches also have 10-minute time limits, at which point it usually goes to scorecards instead of being a draw.
The promotion will once again close on March 26, 2011.

BattlARTS has no titles but they recognize the Independent Junior Heavyweight Championship and UWA World Middleweight Championship.

Current active talent based in promotion:
Yuki Ishikawa
Munenori Sawa
Yuta Yoshikawa
Keita Yano
Chihiro Oikawa (Retired)
Ryuji Walter
Kenji Takeshima

The promotion’s official website (in Japanese) can be accessed via the following URL: