akino AKINO is a 11-year veteran of puroresu who got a bit of a late start, not debuting until after she turned 24. Early in her career she competed under her real name and sometimes under a mask as “noki-A”. She debuted in ARSION on 1998 alongside Ayako Hamada and later competed in what is considered the quintessential rookie vs. veteran match of the 1990s, challenging her mentor-then-Queen Of ARSION Mariko Yoshida for the title. She lost the match but won praise for her performance. Soon she was paired with Hamada, Ai Fujita and Candy Okutsu as a heel stable and won the Twin Star Of ARSION title with Hamada and eventually won the Sky High Of ARSION title after the faction separated and Hamada & others left the promotion.
After AKINO left the promotion in 2003 following Yumiko Hotta taking over operations, she became a freelancer while also trying MMA in 2004. She went 2-0 in MMA, defeating Natsuko Kikukawa by KO in 51 seconds then beating Keiko Tamai (Tama-Chan) by split decision. In 2004 she formed the M’s Style promotion with Yoshida, Momoe Nakanishi and Michiko Ohmukai, but things never got going due to a rumored partnership with New Japan never happening and Nakanishi retiring soon after as well as Yoshida leaving to form her own promotion, IBUKI. M’s Style survived until Fall 2006.
After M’s Style folded, AKINO took some time off to heal injuries and also taking up golf as well as training younger wrestlers. Her most notable student is fast-rising star Ayumi Kurihara. In mid-2007, AKINO returned to action working primarily with OZ Academy while also maintaining some freelancer status, also working with WAVE and the occasional “Fuka Matsuri” series of events. She also won her first OZ Academy Tag Team Title in August 2009 with Ran Yu-Yu.

Stats & info:
Real name: Mika Akino
Age: 36
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 135 pounds/61 kg
Experience: 11 years
Finishing move: Tornado A, Huracanrana
Current affiliation: Independent/Freelancer, but competes primarily for OZ Academy
Ring entrance theme: “Maria” by Ricky Martin

Titles won:
2-time Sky High Of ARSION Champion
1-time Twin Star Of ARSION Champion
1-time JWP Tag Team Champion
2-time OZ Academy Tag Team Champion

Official website (Japanese):