Kaoru Ito

Kaoru Ito is a 20-year veteran who is best-known from her time in All-Japan Women. She spent 15 years in AJW, joining them in 1987 although she didn’t make her in-ring debut until 1989. She would become a 2-time WWWA Singles Champion, a 1-time WWWA Tag Team Champion under one of her alternate gimmicks, ZAP T, a 1-time AJW Singles Champion and a 1-time AJW Tag Team Champion. Since the closure of AJW she has been a freelancer and also runs the Ito Dojo, where she is an MMA trainer and also promoter of an occasional show. Now & then she also appears in other promotions.
Ito will be a member of Diana when it begins in early 2011. Although still listed as being the head of Ito Dojo there are reports the promotion has closed but she may still be active as a trainer.

Stats & info:
Age: 39
Height: 5’3″
Weight: 220 pounds/100 kg
Experience: 20 years
Finishing move: Double Foot Stomp
Current affiliation: Diana

Titles won:
2-time WWWA Singles Champion
1-time WWWA Tag Team Champion
1-time AJW Singles Champion
1-time AJW Tag Team Champion
1-time OZ Academy Tag Team Champion

Tournaments won:
1997 Japan Grand Prix

Official website (Japanese):