Emi Sakura

Emi Sakura is the founder of Ice Ribbon and a joshi veteran who remains active today as both a wrestler and trainer. She spent the first half of her career competing under her real name in the now-defunct IWA Japan and FMW promotions, then briefly was a freelancer before moving to GTKN in 2003 and, since 2006, has been primarily affiliated with her Ice Ribbon promotion but is also a freelancer, appearing for virtually all the major joshi promotions. Most of her time recently, though, has been spent in NEO, where in 2009 she won the NEO Singles & NWA Women’s Pacific Title (albeit for a WWE-like reign though, she held the belts for only 2 days) and is a former NEO Tag Team Champion, as well as in JWP, where she is chasing the JWP Openweight Championship and once formed one of JWP’s top tag teams with Kaori Yoneyama. She also won the AJW Singles and AWF Women’s Titles in the late 1990s, beating veteran Luna Vachon to win the AWF Title, and is even a 2-time DDT Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion.
Emi was honored in December 2009 by Tokyo Sports with the Tokyo Sports Joshi Puroresu Grand Prix award, essentially being named the joshi wrestler of the year. It was the first time the award was given out since 2003, and recognized a year where Emi basically won and held simultaneously more titles than she could carry-she basically held no fewer than 4 titles at the same time!

Stats & info:
Real Name: Emi Motokawa
Age: 34
Height: 5’2″
Weight: 154 pounds/70 kg
Experience: 15 years
Finishing move: Firebird Splash, Ice Driver
Current affiliation: Ice Ribbon

Titles won:
1-time AJW Singles Champion
1-time AWF Women’s Champion
1-time NEO Singles & NWA Women’s Pacific Champion
1-time NEO Tag Team Champion
1-time JWP Tag Team Champion
1-time Daily Sports Tag Team Champion
2-time DDT Iron Man Heavymetalweight Champion
2-time ICEx60 Singles Champion
4-time International Ribbon Tag Team Champion

Tournaments won:
2009 NEO Mid-Summer Tag Tournament

Other accolades:
2009 Tokyo Sports Grand Prix Joshi Puroresu Grand Prize Award

Official websites (Japanese):
http://twitcasting.tv/sakuraemi/show/ (Video clips, usually shot at the Ice Ribbon School, that she shoots with her iPhone 4)